The family that camos together stays….

Camo Famo by kelleyrie
Camo Famo, a photo by kelleyrie on Flickr.

…wait where’d they go? I had a great time with this family. Even though it was about a bazillion degrees outside they happily treked to other side of a lake to get this shot!



Tiny Dancer

Ballerina by kelleyrie
Ballerina, a photo by kelleyrie on Flickr.

I recently got to photograph a dancer for her recital portraits. She was so full of energy and so graceful, she gave me some great poses and even though I know nothing about dance we got some lovely stuff.


Kindergarten Portraits!

Untitled by kelleyrie
Untitled, a photo by kelleyrie on Flickr.

My daughter’s school recently had the traditional school portraits done. I had to dress her up for picture day because I didn’t want to break her heart, as such I didn’t want to waste her picture day look so I set upon the task of recreating a typical school portrait. Though this is not the style of portraiture I love, I do like the way they turned out.