Tiny Dancer

Ballerina by kelleyrie
Ballerina, a photo by kelleyrie on Flickr.

I recently got to photograph a dancer for her recital portraits. She was so full of energy and so graceful, she gave me some great poses and even though I know nothing about dance we got some lovely stuff.



Before and After

Before and After by kelleyrie
Before and After, a photo by kelleyrie on Flickr.

As I was working through my latest photo session it kinda dawned on me that not a lot of people really know what goes in to making a photo beautiful.
We all see those gorgeous photos in books and on walls and we know they are great to look at but maybe we don’t always realize it was a lot more than a shutter press to get that picture to its maximum potential. The picture above is an example of that…the original straight out of the camera shot is great but because cameras don’t see the light like we do it lacks that ‘pop’ that we all love. The ‘pop’ comes in at home, on that good ol’ computer, in the digital darkroom (AKA photoshop).
What happens there depends entirely on your photographers artistic vision (hopefully, you have picked a photog’ whose style works with yours) and of course the subject matter.
That all said, my point comes down to this; a photographer’s work is not done just because the session is over…

Kindergarten Portraits!

Untitled by kelleyrie
Untitled, a photo by kelleyrie on Flickr.

My daughter’s school recently had the traditional school portraits done. I had to dress her up for picture day because I didn’t want to break her heart, as such I didn’t want to waste her picture day look so I set upon the task of recreating a typical school portrait. Though this is not the style of portraiture I love, I do like the way they turned out.